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18 DAYS!!! WOOOOOO!!!! IAN COMES BACK THE 26TH!!! Omg i feel like i could do backflips. i am like...gonna start dancing.! ` busts a move.! its hard to type and dance at the same time but i guess that is why they invented the backspace button.!! :) JUST FOR MEEE! I feel pink!! i feel baby blue!! i feel...florescent! God I love mom. Whenever i get off the phone with her its always good news. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.!!! God ian and i have soooooo much catching up to doooo. Plus the fact that i found out something really nifty....My "song on the day i was born" was "One more night" by phil collins...his was "i cant fight this feeling anymore" by reo speedwagggggoooonnnnn.! That is so freaking metaphorical man.!!! I love him soo much! and only 18 days.!!!!!!!! and in 45 minutes it'll be 17 days! wooo! i am so bouncyyyyy.!! hyper happy crazy bonzo.! wheeeeee.!!! i go back up there september 5th.!!! 28 days! till then! wheeeee! wheeeeeee freaking eeeeee!! IAN! I LOVE IAN!!!!

lmao @ self
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