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I just wanna play on my panpipes...

It's sunny and beautiful looking outside and the temperature reaches a whopping...... 38. I have three words for you, Mr. Weatherman-man, What the FUCK? It should not be allowed to be that aesthetially pleasing and warm and comfortable looking if it's not going to BE warm and comfortable. That is false advertising... in the words of Nirvana, "Nature is a whore."

So I really have a bit of a problem. Whenever I put my away message on any of yahoo, aim, or msn messanger, people always message me with the not-so-observant remark, "are you there?" ... If I was there, I wouldn't have my away message up. The away message is a universal symbol of not being present or "there". That's why it was invented, so that friends wouldn't sit there going "Ello? Where for art thou? Methinks you may have hastened off, though hopefully not at my coming..." only less Shakespearian. That little clock with the Away message means I am not at my computer, Not present, Not around, Wandering, generally... that I am AWAY! Why then the barrage of, "hey, are you there?" ... seriously... and now, apparently when I have my busy message on they think I'm avoiding them... You know... it's not like I'm at school or anything and might have homework that requires me being on my computer with my attention focused on the ASSIGNMENT. Nope, Busy is a code word for avoidance, and away is a sneaky give or take situation, because if you message me, in theory I MIGHT be nearby... not aways away...
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