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I sit corrected...

Wow... not one entry from whilst I was at home... I apologize for the error in my future-predicting. I guess I just dont have the gift. sigh

So the ride down was kinda awkward. The ride back up with Jay was fun, reading that damn geography book hurt my head but I blew through 40 pages today. Woo hoo! We also administered some much needed traffic justice! For some weird reason, whenever the snow melts - usually around easter time - they decide that it's a good time to put out the orange barrels, blow up bridges, and prematurely begin the construction season[no doubt to only have it put on haitus once again when winter returns that final time for it's last spiteful hoorah.]. Well, Easter weekend traffic is happily clogging the interstate when we notice a sign that says in 8 miles they are going to have all of us fine upstanding citizens form a single file line, merging together in cooperative unity, and proceed through 6 miles with one lane to ourselves as they putz around with broken concrete. Well, we all know that when driving on a multi-lane highway, convergance into a single file line is a hard concept to grasp and you always have those assholes that think they'll just zip up in the fast lane to the front of the line and cut in. Ho ho, but then that line builds up and you know, if - and mind you this is a big motherfucking if - people just followed the goddamn rules and merged as suggested, we wouldn't have this mindless stop well... let one or two in... move forward... stop again nonsense. So, in order to force-feed the lesson down the throats of these neanderthols, we took our happy little 2 ton van into the left lane and stopped dead. Keeping the pace with the van next to us for the next couple of miles leading up to the construction... people got angry, they didn't understand... other people applauded and gave us the thumbs up for refusing to let the good 'ol Law abiding rule conciencous Americans with common sense get pushed around and budged in front of any longer... And lo and behold, once the line of zipheads in front of us went through and the right-laners could go without obstacle, we all reached a comfortable 55 mph, and then we were allowed to slide on in when the left lane ended and left the other left-lane zip-creeps at the end of the lane with their thumbs up their glutious maximi. :) Then the flow of right-laners continued for a good long time, and there was much rejoicing.

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