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Glue Explosion

Behold! The amazing...
Snot Girl!

Alright... so that's enough of that. I'm not going to go into detail about these heinous allergies, nor will I take antihistimines because somehow they just make it that much worse. I just can't win..

Yesterday was interesting. In spanish class an unseen glue bottle exploded all over me and my friends Nichole and Nikki... it was quite disgusting. We found only the top of the bottle, the rest is a mystery. It's like it exploded from within the florescent lights. Anyway, it smelled like vinegar and ruined my syllabus but both Nichole and Nikkie thought it was hilarious. Nichole was high so she was laughing for almost the entire class period, which got a little old. Jack kept looking at me... it's annoying me. Why can't I admire him without him looking back? Someone make me a Jack Statue and then maybe this will all come to a happy end.

Going home tonight. Fuck, I should be packing. I packed some last night, but I'm going to need to monopolize the laundry room when I get home. Ugh... can't wait to spend time with the Grandparents. I expect there will be an increase in entries over the next few days, unless Gramma B makes me play cards with her, which is quite likely at that. Oh well.
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