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Yeah I quit.

Alright, so I am done. Do I even have real true close friends? Or am I just the person that everyone comes to when they want to bitch? When I'm gone am I missed? doubtful... Does Cody miss me? Doubtful... does Shane miss me? Doubtful... does Matt miss me? Judging by the fact that he's written to everyone but me, no. Alyssa, Carmen, Kyia, my friends for 7 years that didn't even remember my birthday... Yeah. Great. Fantastic. Wonder-fucking-ful. I talk to people online now, supposedly friends, and it's all me putting forth the effort. Maybe I should perform an experiment and not talk to anyone and see how fucking long it takes for them to notice... or if they'll just forget me altogether. I suppose the latter is more likely. I could have a hypoglycemic meltdown tomorrow and die and it would take half of them three weeks to a month to realize it. So, fuck it. I'm done.
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