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The New York Times Editorials are Doomed....

Last week Mr. Kerry said that the president had allowed gasoline prices to rise 12 percent, suggested that he could do a better job of "jawboning" countries like Saudi Arabia into producing more oil and promised to divert oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to increase market supplies and lower prices. On all three points, the senator implied that a president can influence short-term world oil prices, and thus prices at the pump. No president can, except at the margins, and Mr. Kerry knows that. As if to prove the point, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, which pumps about one-third of the world's oil, announced on Wednesday its intention to cut output by 4 percent.

The administration promptly retaliated with a television commercial accusing Mr. Kerry of favoring a 50-cent rise in the gasoline tax that would cost the average family $657. The ad failed to mention that Mr. Kerry favored this a decade ago and only as part of a deficit-reduction plan.

Come now children, play/fight/bitch nicely. So not only does the childness idiocy of politics annoy me, but this article, and others of the like, annoy the living crap out of me. The rest of the article is so rediculously supportive of Kerry, with absolutely no explaination. Praising him for his "broad plan for energy conservation" and then not explaining a single detail about it. As if it wasn't previously stated in the article, no president can quickly influence prices at the pump. But instead goes on to say that Bush, evil bad naughty Bush, only has a "comprehensive energy conservation plan". Oh damn... thank you for also not elucidating as to what that might entail. Honestly, why write an article that says nothing more than, "Kerry and Bush had a cat fight over consumption of fossil fuels."? Especially in the editorial section! Well, it could have been redeemed if they would have included oh, say, the components of both plans and contrasted them... but ... no... that's not important. Not like there's an election coming up or anything. Anyway, it's not like the public cares about the Prez's plans as long as he gets the job done right, we dont care how it's done as long as it is. Ha. Ha. Ha.
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