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Still counting the days I've been without you. 1, 2, 3, 4, ...

Well, I wrote to Matt last night. I miss him a lot, but I feel better now that I feel some form of communication has been re-established. He only has a month and a week left, but his mom said he might get recycled, meaning he wont be able to live at home or something, I don't remember... but she said that she's been waiting for me to call, and that Matt's been asking about me in his writings. Wondering if I maybe got the wrong address... I feel a little bad for not writing right off the bat... but I can feel that it'll all be ok. He'll appreciate the letter all the more once he thought he wasn't going to get one in the first place... plus, I wanted to see if he'd write to me. I guess he's pretty busy though, his TI apparently has been giving him hell for things like, not folding his clothes exactly correctly and reading the bible in church instead of paying attention. His mom said that she only gets a letter about once every two and half to three weeks and that they're pretty short. I want one though... hope better not let me down this time.

This morning has been really serene. I've drank 2 cups of coffee, read some articles, vented about my hometown, and now am surrounded by good music. I really want to crochet, because that's such a wonderfully relaxing activity. Tomorrow is my birthday and I believe I am getting yarn and such from Sandy, who is secretly [just without the secretness] in love with me. I might make some more necklaces today... I really have no work to be doing, no homework this weekend. I could work on my poetry paper and I just might, for some bizarre reason I feel a twinge of motivation. Maybe it's all the caffiene in my veins. Who knows...
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