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with big nasty pointy teeth..

So... My hatred of girls has been revived. On our way down to dinner one such "girl" was screaming, yes screaming, to her friends who were a whopping 5 feet away, blasted out my ear drums, about this traumatic event at work. Apparently there was a "total hottie" and that is obviously one of the most insidious forms of torture... Oh damn. I'm being subjected to an aesthetically pleasing individual, this is an outrage.

Faith had the proper response to that situation... "Kill me, kill me now..." Oh but the fun didn't stop there. In line in UDS I seemed to be surrounded by a flock of them all talking about how, "well it was on sale so I just had to get it! It was a cute little golf tee..." ... "Well i've come to the conclusion that I'm just average because i'm not small and I'm not tall so nothing will ever fit me." ... "Well I really need to lose weight because the sun is coming out and I want to be able to buy really cute summer clothes..." ... That's right. Girls are stupid

But hey! Warcraft has started up again! So, once again, I have the ability to release the tension via a rediculous time consuming video game. That brings me joy. I'm a dork, I fully accept that. In fact, I'm listening to Alanis right now... which is a very very very guilty pleasure, and I kinda forgot that I had this CD... except I've been flipping through my overflowing CD book and noticed it. So pardon this temporary lapse in sanity... things will resume as normal tomorrow once this evil bastard week is over with.

Well... for some reason I feel like being productive ... probably because I honestly haven't been for a long while. So I will subject myself to Geography readings and study some Spanish and read some of my own. I have some Oscar Wilde here and still have the other four books I'm in the middle of. I want to hear from Matt.
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