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we dont even care... as restless as we are...

Smashing Pumpkins, beyond brilliant. Just found their CDs and am revelling in the joy... It makes me think of Matt... I miss him so much... I couldn't help it.. I started crying at 6 am...

I am so upset that I didn't get to see Annie before she went back home. I got back from Spanish and Shannon and Sandy told me they'd take me to go visit her and that she'd been asking about me... but as we were going to visit her nic and sean came back telling us she had already left. :( I miss that girl already... I'm just glad we live so close to each other.

I feel so fucking poor. It's rediculous... if I would have used my head I'd be fine... but no. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I can sell... Waiting for my birthday money... wondering if I should ask my mom to cash a bond and send it up here... hahahaha no.
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