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Straw Dog

I just got a call from Annie! It's so good to hear her voice again, I was so afraid I wouldn't ever again. God, I love that girl so much I wish I could put it into words. She sounded really drugged up but I'm so glad she called, that call brightened up a day of total shite. I want to see her so badly, hopefully tomorrow. She said her mom would give me a call or stop by the dorms and let me know... I really miss her. This little corner of the hall has been feeling coldly idiosyncratic without the wonderful little noises and blazing industrial techno coming from the neighboring room. I miss my partner in crime.

I got another letter today. 242 dollars that I dont have needs to be sent away or else... Hmm... maybe I can whore myself out for some quick cash. I'm worth a couple hundred, right?
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