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Can i run away?

my mother is such a hypocrite. Not to mention the fact that she is cold. And makes a point of telling me that yeah, when she got pregnant with me she wasnt ready to have kids, and if she could do it over again, she'd do it differently. Thanks mom. she was screaming at me last night because i was on the phone with my best friend. whom i havent talked to for one week. we talked for 50 minutes and she got pissed. cuz its her phone, and i'm using HER phone minutes. Sorry, not only was i born, but i learned how to talk and am now excersizing that skill. Not to mention after that she took every single thing that I own in this house and stuck it in my room. like, my CDS, my books on the bookshelf...even if they are in spot for a reason, like my purple pen at the computer...cuz i take notes here??? but no, now that is in my room. she piled it all in there and then yelled at me this morning for not having it clean. ` sigh. i just want to get out of here. Now i'm hungry, will she yell at me for eating her food?? Jeezus, why not. i only pay for half of my gd christmas presents. i only buy like, 3/4 of my school supplies. I only have to buy my own clothes. Why not buy my own food too? Might as well go push my luck.
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