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Well me being the try new things person that i'm hair is now in temporary dreds. Two pigtails. then dreds kinda coming out of them. this would be super cute if i had more hair gel to make them smaller and they wouldnt fall out as much. but hey, next time. but with the outfit i am wearing it makes me look like a jamaican goth. its weird. i think my brother thinks i'm a satan worshiper. cuz i play delerium and prodigy and linkin park and i used to listen to pop. MMMBOP! ew oh my god someone shoot me. Although, i believe they may have changed. in a magazine yesterday, i saw while looking for leopard print, taylor hanson wearing a shirt that said, "born to raise hell" and i learned of a wonderful quote of his. "Happiness is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the sensation." lmao. That is BRILLIANT! Pure genious. apparently they all now own dirt bikes and such and listen to lenny kravitz and STP and various other "rawk" groups. And their music has been "influenced". maybe i'll go listen to part of their CD whenever the hell it comes out. JUST because of that quote! Ha HA! one of the whores from "Dream" ripped her pants on stage w/o underwear on.! Go you.! MY TOWN IS GETTING A SKATE PARK!!! It was in the newspaper and my dad was complaining about it! I swear if it is as good as it sounds, my computer will barely see much of me. i'll be out breaking myself in various places. I need new blades though. Mine are old, and small, and uh...broken? which is no good. plus they are like black and green and Wheat thins are yummy. so is Ian. HE COMES BACK THIS MONTH! I think i'm gonna call up there tonight just to see if his mom knows WHEN he is coming back so i an like..count down the days until my freedom. =] God that would freaking RULE! I MISS HIMM!Gawk, and miss penny, ugh. i heard kick some ass, while i was making my dreds. and hair gel and head banging = mess. but hey, i was like...ready to go hang up my punching bag and start beaning it. maybe i will...I dont know. i'm happy today. =] perhaps because my dad didnt give us ANY work to do, and i've been able to do pretty much ANYTHING i want for the whole day. thank god. bout time my summer actually got to be summer. but its still too damn hot to go outside. and i am kinda sick still so i have to keep drinking this nasty ass 7-up and gatorade. but.! life goes on.! And as it goes on, it gets closer to when IAN COMES HOMMMMEEEEE!!!
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