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Not an even field to be on feels like standing still for eons and eons...

Things I hate.

1.) Redundancy

2.) People thinking depression is beautiful.

3.) People who wont help themselves.

4.) When people sulk about not having anyone when they won't go look for someone.

5.) Busy-work.

6.) Analyzing Poetry.

7.) Pop Punk.

8.) Actually, just pop music in general.

9.) When people come online just to be away all the time, what the hell is with that? Why even sign on? I feel like I'm being avoided by half of my friends list. Unacceptable.

10.) People and their pre-occupation with beauty. WTF? When did being shallow become a good thing?

11.) Tatiana and her ridiculous assignments.

12.) Politics.

13.) The fact that I have a playing exam tomorrow.

14.) I want to be crocheting right now, but can't.

15.) This stupid tragic beauty, depression is a beautiful curse bullshit. Fucking drama and a half. No reason at all...
...just fucking let it go already.
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