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Ain't Misbehavin'... woe betide thee...

I learned how to crochet yesterday! I made a scarf for myself, it's all pretty fall colours of black, burgundy, and orange. It's thin but I like it that way, it's really long so it can be double looped and also converted into a belt thing if i wanted, it's just too cool. I feel so incredibly self-sufficient. I want to buy my own yarn and make a blanket. Hah, I've decided that I'm going to make a scarf or possibly a scarf and mitten set for Matt and send them to him at some point, he'd piss his pants laughing. His little wife back home is becoming such a wonderfully domesticated home-maker! My darling husband need not worry about purchasing blankets or other things for his children. The little woman can make them herself with love and care... haha.

On a less exciting note, I'm currently bullshitting my journal for Geography. I could have been doing this gradually over a long period of time but that would just be far too responsible for a person like me. Not to metion the fact that I really just don't care. Keeping track and writing how I feel regarding the things I learn about Israel and Palestine isn't my idea of a productive or helpful assignment. I realize it's supposed to encourage thought developement and formulate an opinion as to finding a viable solution to the problem, but honestly, how many people really care enough to put that much effort into it? I certainly dont. Granted, I have had my opinions along the way because yes, I do read (dramatic pause) but this journal feels too much like highschool, too much like busywork. Hence the putting it off until the very last moment, I suppose I could have waited even until tomorrow to do it but I have to write a 4 page paper about how my opinion developed and changed throughout this confounded debate... Who knows, maybe they're trying to appeal to slackers, because believe me when I say there is nothing more easily invented and elucidated upon than an opinion, because you don't really have to back up anything, as it's just a personal inclination towards a specific persuasion.
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