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I feel like a bitch but I feel incredibly anti-social and really dont want to do anything today. I am supposed to go to a party at Troy's with Nic and Annie, and Shane is supposed to come along but... who am I kidding? How will parties ever be fun for me? I can't drink, I can't smoke, I can't do drugs, and even if I could, who the hell knows if I even would? I just sit around and watch everyone else get blasted out of their skulls, completely unable to relate. Woo hoo.

Do I want to spend time with Annie and Nic? Yes, of course I do. I miss them, I miss college, but my mind keeps running over "What if I have an asthma attack?" .. I don't have my inhaler down here... "What if I have a low bloodsugar problem and they're too far gone to notice?" or more importantly, "What if I get uncomfortable, have one of my psychotic meltdowns and need to leave?" I wont have a car. If matt was here it'd all be fine...

I'm supposed to hang out with Cody tomorrow. I hope that doesn't fall through... I dont know why though. I just want to hug him a million and two times. Hmm... I need more glucophage, so I'll wait for my Dad to come home and get it. I was considering going to the school to get my t-shirt at around 3... but I don't want to. I hate Cambridge High School more than anything, I'm tempted to write to the school board with empty threats, in a feeble attempt to force them to improve. I haven't seen Carmen at all. I really dont care. Ellie is a lost cause, I give up on her. Mindy too... Why is everything in this town falling apart? Doug thinks it's because I was always the one that made the decisions, I was the strong one, and they modeled off of me, and when I left they latched onto other things[aka penises], and unravelled into complete strangers. So it seems there's a pattern. Fantastic.


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Mar. 19th, 2004 08:46 pm (UTC)
Hey Hey Babes....

I tried calling you tonight, but you were out.
I am in Cambridge for the weekend, so if you are around tomorrow morning or tonight at all, you know the number, give me a call.
I will probably be up for most of the night, so just about any time will be safe to call....if the phone's busy, I'm pri online, or check my cell at 235 2410.
Elsa's band is having a practice here tomorrow afternoon, so if you'd like to come and witness that, would be fun. Bring anyone you like, it's an open household!

Love, Anna
Mar. 20th, 2004 12:16 am (UTC)
Hey there

Unfortunately my ride called and told me we're leaving early tomorrow, well... today really. I'm doing a lot of packing at the moment, Carmen is actually asleep on my couch, so that's a bit of a predicament. When I drop her off I'm going to see if you're still awake because I really did want to see and hang out with you... I feel badly because Wednesday didn't work out at all. My mom wanted her car and my dad was on call so he needed his too and ugh... it was pointless to argue.

We really do need to hang out before you head off to Germany! Serious hang out time, yo.

Out of curiosity, what is your msn name? My list got deleted awhile ago when my computer crashed, my screen name got totally deleted somehow but whatever. It's fake_plasticme@hotmail once again.

Also out of curiosity, do either you or Elsa still talk with Kayla Thompson-Hummer?

I'm hoping to get ahold of you tonight like i said, but if it falls through, we'll definitely need to find a plan before you ship out on summer and resume the online conversing. :)

Miss ya, sis,

VEE-SHI-SHWAAAAAH! [cold fish soup!]
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