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"Shock and Awe" via pixels at six

I honestly really dont know what to think. Sometimes, I feel like such an asshole whenever I talk to people about serious things, things that matter. Like my opinions condemn me for having actually learned about a pertinent topic and wanting to discuss it.

So many people tell me i'm too opinionated, I'm too smart, I'm too much. I'm confusing with my words, I'm confusing with my thoughts, they "can't handle them." Maybe my personality is just to overbearing because I actually know who I am completely. I know how to deal with me. Maybe my jump start into reality has set me apart permantently. Well, I'm sorry but I can't just be shallow. I can't accept ignorance and just tune into the millions of distractions known as American Culture. I can't tolerate and be amused with petty dramas and rediculous rumors. That's how the world got so shitty in the first place.

Maybe I'm just a freak for wanting to fix it, trying to actually think up methods to do so. Maybe that's why I'm going into journalism, to get my voice heard. Instead of having the things I say just be blown off because they're too confusing, or too deep, or too much. Maybe that'll be my downfall, maybe it'll be my strength. However, I value my intelligence too much to let it go in order for other people to be happy with me. Maybe I'll just have to wait until people open their eyes. Maybe I'm an opinionated bitch for thinking that they haven't, I suppose they could just not care. Either is undesirable... Welcome to the real world, sweet cakes ...
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