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... na na na na Stuck in America...

Well well well... I was lying in bed today about an hour ago, and I think I may have discovered one main conflict between my parents and I. Routines. They operate everything on a programmed cycle, they're basically machines with violent mood swings. It's disgusting. I, on the other hand, live for moments "of spontanaity" and generally odd happenings.

My mom wants me to go shopping at Kohls so we can purchase some "acceptable business attire" for me, because I dress like such a little harlot... My dad is going on this rightous Israeli tangent, about how they have all the right to oppress the roudy Palestinians... and he brought up 9-11, which really annoys me. I hate it when he does that... it's been reduced to mere propaganda these days... Plus... September 11th was a direct result of Osama Bin Laden, he was blamed, him and his minions out of Afghanistan... a completely different Arabic country and I really hate how lately they're all just slammed into one catagory. I need to get out of this house... I'm supposed to go to Chris's at like... 7:30... so close and yet so far.

"Adverbs are horrible acts of blasphemy." - Chris Fruti
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