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and after all...

... you're my wonderwallllll...

hey there.

Uh... yep.

So, I tried the whole telephone thing. I have a bone to pick about the new answering machine recording thing... i mean... does that thing ever beep? Yeah, your mom picked up after awhile of me waiting for the beep that never came... she didn't mind though, maybe she doesn't think i'm a harlot after all... ;)

Anyway, I really want to talk to your bitchass... dont really know why. just a general urge. A few curiosities i suppose... the urge to shoot the shit.... whatever.

Maybe I'm stupid or maybe I'm just normal. I guess it doesn't matter, its just what i want and that's the truth. Beat that one, hah! Rambling... "I'm running after time and I miss the sunshine. Summer Days will come Happiness will be mine... Lost in my words I dont know where I'm going... I do the best I can not to worry about things." Good song... it's on that CD... I dont know if you listened to it, I wanted to ask you about it. I must've forgot earlier, having too much fun with the charlize theron bashery...

Give me a call when you get home, ok? I dont care when...

I really wish I could see you before you leave, especially since I fucked last time up so badly. I think you know I don't hate you though. Hah, that thought is actually really absurd. Bizarre even. OMC style. I know I'll see you, hopefully sooner than later, due to the fact that I'm holding several of your possessions hostage. ;) 2 visors, about 4 books, a necklace, a hoodie... a bit of your heart perhaps?

Honestly, if calling isn't an option for some please reply to this. I want to know what you're thinking. Mostly I guess I really just want you to know that as you say you'll be there for me, I'll be here for you too. Remember that I love you, and Shane does too. That night, at my house, you made me promise that I wouldnt go anywhere, and... I'm still keeping it, and it will always be in effect for as long as you want it to. I'll miss you, but that goes without saying, but will always be there.

I love you,

... just sent it.
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