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Include the Ascension, for fuck's sake!

So, we went and saw The Passion today... I really wasn't impressed. Granted, it really put into perspective the use of the "cat of nine-tails", etc. However, there was a lot of stuff that they could/should have emphasized and a lot of stuff they overdid. I mean, c'mon Mel, we know that they're hammering through his flesh... you really dont have to show all of it. Once is enough, we get the picture but would still like to keep the food within our stomachs. Side note about that: Everyone knows that they put the nails in the wrists, because otherwise it would be physically impossible to withstand the weight, why not be accurate then? I guess my biggest qualm is that it was hailed as this accurate depiction, and yet I found a lot that was omitted and replaced with gore or just entirely incorrect. I don't think I'm naive about the subject either, I mean I've gone to church my whole life, christian day school, christian summer camp, and done my own research, I feel I have a pretty good grip of what actually went on. Whatever though, the movie is all a Catholic conspiracy anyway.

p.s. This song fucking owns.
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