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ouchy ouchy ouch.!

I just got back from work. shit.! 8 hours on your feet fluffing HURTS! and my mom wants me to do the dishes. ` flicks bird. soo tired. so very very tired. and hungry. rice sounds good but rice = dishes so what im gonna do is after i do the gonna make rice. :) so for once someone has to clean up after ME! i know i'm evil. but hey, after cleaning up after snotty yuppies and harley people that just want a plain coffee and then give their baby food and dont watch what the hell he does with it...god some people are freaking tards. okay, enough venting. i have a new source of joy, the manager likes me! wooo.! he's gonna let me work more which means more $$ which means i can go to europe and which means i can buy ian that christmas/birthday present that is REALLY FARKING PERFECT! speaking of ian, as if i dont constantly...HE'S COMING BACK THIS MONTH!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well jesus tap-dancing christ ya think its been long enough!??! yum.! my hair smells purdy...and its soft too. Thank god for my shampoo. hey that kinda rhymed....anyway you can tell im over-tired. but i updated my P.O.F.S. site.! wheeee.! even though, the part that i attached isnt quite finished yet. lol @ me. anyway, i am gonna go work on the aforementioned site, listen to linkin park, and let my mind run in daydreams about my lover and future husband. GOD I AM SICK AND DERANGED! I sound like a freaking gd teeny.! ` shudders. ewww. now that i have thoroughly disgusted myself. im gonna go. Toodlez.
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