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abso - fuckin' - lutely

So, I'm in a really foul mood. This day started out pretty good, went with Annie to Boynton and thank god she's OK, and she's feeling a bit better now and I'm really glad that things are improving, I'm just really pissed right now. I think most if it is just the aftermath of my anxiety attack earlier... i felt like i was going to have a panic attack and i was pacing around my room, twitching, shaking nervously, trying to listen to calm music and breathe... I almost didn't go to Spanish. Got sick after dinner, not good. I'm really hungry now and I think I'm going to crack into some chips and salsa soon... then I fell asleep because I was so disoriented and exhausted and slept right on through my guitar class, which I had a performance exam in today and now I wont be able to sleep tonight ... I think I need to watch an excessively violent movie to excorsize these anger demons.

I'm gonna use this to quit the coffeehouse.

I really hate it when people talk about other people behind their back when it isn't for the sake of conflict resolution. There seems to be an awful lot of it lately, mostly from Nic. I dont blame Annie at all, I know she wants it to be over and in my mind she has the right to wait for him to apologize because it was him who crossed the line, but seriously, it was just a misunderstanding and somehow it's snowballed hardcore. God, I dont want this to become like last semester with Jess... I hope he drops this defensive bullshit and things go back to "normal".

... fuck, another anxiety attack coming on, better go get some ice water before I get too anti-social and shakey to move...
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