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ohana... means family?

Terrible lapse in sanity, fear not, I'm looking for it, i just hope it hasn't been raped and left for dead. So, my mind has basically recoiled in horror and apparently has fled because I know not where it has gone. Any shred of sanity, stability, poof... not even a fiber left for little old me. Ho ho, wait, here's the kicker, it's all his fault! That's right! Matt's fault again, how I love the little fuckwit.

Well the best laid plans, right? Hah, so drunken shane told matt that I wanted to seduce him. Blew my fucking cover! Well, it made for an awkward ride home... Matt telling me he didnt think he should considering the circumstances, and as he isn't completely sure that he's "the one". Seriously, people need to wake up from hollywood shit and realize that we make our own "ones". Well whatever, its not like i'm going to be able to get out of the U any faster and try to have a solid relationship. I dont understand it though, he told me he believes in fairy-tale predestination.

... Well, asshole boy is on his way over... so I suppose I should get the stuff ready and go look for my mind ...
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