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i dont wanna be alone man, any more

So... I have a couple issues.

1. I am in love with Matt.
2. I can't tell what he feels or wants.
3. I want to be with matt.
4. Cody has verbally rehashing all of our memories.
5. Cody also consideres me his "first" because he regrets his others.
6. Cody wrote me a song, the main lyric being "I miss you so much."
7. I'm going to his concert on Saturday.
8. Matt might come along - god that would be awkward.
9. If Matt is going to make me wait an eternity, I would want to be with Cody again for awhile.
10. I know Cody isn't the one for me in the long run though.
11. I'm confused about what to do.
12. I think Shane is drifting away from reality.
13. I have a test I forgot about.
14. I'm on a lot of drugs.
15. I'm late for class.
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