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Voo doo people ...

Wow, total randomness. It started as Eric, Faith, and I watching A Night at the Roxbury, and somehow it grew into a dancing mass of party at 2 am on a tuesday morning. Out of the blue, no explaination, no warning. I'm still in a state of shock, but the drugs are wearing off so hopefully I'll be able to sleep soon.

The voodoo who do what you don't dare to people ...

... oh... and before I forget ...

Monroe Doctrine.

Concerning the aforementioned, I think I am going to write an elegy for it. Because honestly, it is the literal titanic of all doctrines. It was a wonderful spectacle, until unchecked ignorance sent it plunging into the deepest darkest depths of doom. How's that for alliteration, eh? Either that, or when I run for president [insert eye roll here] part of my campaign will be to revive the Monroe Doctrine and initiate a war on inner hypocrisy. Also, since we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world 5 times over, one of my first acts will be to destroy the however many nukes it takes to be capable of disintigrating Earth four times in a row. That's right folks, we only need to blow it up once. Funding will shift from an rediculously large army into assisting underdeveloped countries as well as bringing public education up to par. I will abolish D.A.R.E. programs and instead replace them with cultural studies classes to help minimize stereotypes. I will publicly denounce political correctness, as it's really just another form of slang for discriminatory phrases. Also, I'd reform the media, this is probably also where I'd lose all of my votes, but you know... somebody has to do it. Wonder if I would ever win. That'd be pretty badass... but at this moment.... so would sleep. Therefore, I can no longer be arsed with politics.
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