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p0tat0 p0tAt0.!

I love da potato.! potata! Yummm. Lunch is such a wonderful thing when i am left to my own devices. Baked potato with cheez n broccoli.! yummmmm.! potatos warm my day. im just a fruit. Im wondering if I should be upset with myself. i mean my best friend is leaving for a week almost and i'm actually glad. Is that sick or is it just because i'm relieved? damned if i know. damn i love this potato.! If i told satan i'd sell my soul for one of these would he appear to take it? cuz then i could flick him off. Is that a sin? Flicking off satan? I mean its the general mood you feel toward him. its like, i'll give you this but you'll suffer later.! YEAH UP YOURS MAN! love all your neighbors, unless they happen to be satan himself. New revelation. imma freakin genius! wo0o0o.
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