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Bowl Appetite..

So I overcooked the noodles, but it's still good and my stomach is actually accepting it. I hate this, I can't walk more than a block without feeling like my head and stomach are going to explode. My dad thinks that on top of it all I could have a kidney infection, thus the reason for me not processing my fluids... It's such a teaser today too... i see my veins for a little bit and then they disappear a couple minutes later. I'm a mutant, and my mutant power sucks. Why can't I have claws that appear and disappear, preferably under my direction? It just isn't fair, i tell ya.

Matt called me the other night out of the blue, it made my night but it's made me miss him ten fold. I want to hear his voice more, it's so calming. He sounded like he'd been crying though, the first thing he said was just so simple it grounded me hard, "When are you coming home?" I dont know, maybe it was the way he said it, but I felt needed and genuinely missed. Which is odd, as my mind normally tells me that everyone hates me.

I have the sudden random urge to go swimming... maybe that's my dehydration calling me to a large body of water but for some reason floating seems like it would feel extremely comforting. Granted, it would mean that I'd have to shave and I'm far too lazy to do so, but still! I really want to go swimming, maybe then i'd get hydration via osmosis... who knows?

... philosopher dirtbike?

... Mr. Body Massage?

... pork chop sandwhiches?
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