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the world is a vampire...

So I went to the doctor today... I'm severely dehydrated. If I don't get better and rid of this near-constant dizziness within two days I have to go in and they'll plug me into the IV and force the liquids into me, and while they're at it some vitamins and minerals as well. You know, the stuff my digestive system refuses to recognize. But that's not the only joyous thing, when they stole my blood [because you know, i have so much left in reserve, hence the term dehydrated] the nurse totally fucked it up and my arm has been bleeding on and off throughout the day. Right now it's back to just hurting and stinging like a motherfucker. Requiem for a dream reinactment! Woo! Yay Boynton Health Services!

On a lighter note, I saw Lost in Translation tonight. Not what I was expecting but not in the least bit disappointing though. Sofia is, without doubt, a very talented director. However, I do prefer The Virgin Suicides. My only gripe is that the former seemed semi-void of premise. Still good though, I got quite a few laughs which helped to brighten the day.

I'm kind of disappointed that Matt couldn't come up this weekend but I understand why. Shane told me that Matt had been begging him for weeks to drive him up there. Shane tells me that he talks about me almost nonstop. That makes me feel a lot better, as he's been really quiet online lately and wasn't home last time I called. I think I'm going to write to him soon though... maybe I'll get the guts to include the poem that was inspired by the memory of us sleeping together on my living room floor listening to jazz music all evening...

I really hate doctors, I'm still annoyed that they didn't call me back with my lab results for my blood and such. The nurse couldn't find my pulse, it's an illusive little bastard. I'm really glad that Faith came with me, she's such a sweetheart. She must have been bored as hell... It's such a relief too, after Jess I was mortified at the idea of rooming with another stranger but it's better than i could have asked for. I just hope I don't drive her crazy with my decrepit health conditions. Que sera sera yo conjeturo.

Sleeping in Sync

Piano keys
Fingers falling on feathers
Sunlight dancing on secret promises,
Made by moonlight.
Breathless ease,
Hands holding hearts,
Cuddling, comforter caressing the crack,
Tiny distance between two.
Serene sighs
Forms molding like clay
Noses nuzzling the nook of necks
Hushed measured meter of morning
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