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I crave alleviation...

I'm scratching myself deep I'm so damn edgy. I feel really disconnected. Hurt too, really hurt. Shane, for some reason, every time I call him he hangs up on me... not like, "fuck you, bitch! *click*" or anything, but the "hey can you hang on a sec? i have another call" and then never comes back. Either he's got ADD or he really just doesn't want to talk to me. I haven't talked to matt in a couple of days either... I tried online a couple of minutes ago but he wouldn't talk to me.

I feel like I'm living in a madhouse at the moment. Drama seems to be at an ungodly peak this weekend. I told tynan about my test results, he took it pretty well. Annie is losing all concept of reality and falling into delusion. Dom and his clique have been getting shitfaced before 9 both nights and running around screaming and I just want to get the fuck away. I want to be with Matt and Shane, but, I really feel entirely unwanted.
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