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there's no place like home ... fortunately...

Take that introductory sentence with whatever grain of sand you will... I'm back up in my dorm room, strangely happy about that... strangely discontented. Somedays I really fucking hate that Matt kid... generally only on the days when I can't see him, because even though he was late to pick me up last night by a whopping 4 hours, I still couldn't be pissed at him... although, then we went to a couple parties, jen's going away party... thank god we didn't stay long ... and jon's party, where we played nintendo, talked with jon, matt told lindsay that he and i are dating/seeing each other and that we fuck a lot (whenever that happens, i wish someone would inform me...i seem to be missing those occasions.) However, I started coughing because the entire apartment was in a fog due to all of the smoking... so matt escorted me outside and gave me his coat and then we just held onto each other for warmth... he shouted to onlookers that "We're in Love!"

After going back to jen's going away party and having to watch him joke around by throwing himself on Steph's younger sister... grrr... but, he was pretty cruel in his talkings about her after we left. I asked him when we were parting if he thought that there would be a chance for us to "move on to bigger and better things" ... and he said, "yes, definitely, it only gets better from here." He also promised that he'd be there when I get back for summer, and if that changes he'll notify me (i.e. airforce...), he'll call me every day, come up and visit within the next two weeks, and he is going to miss me, and finally, hit me with the "i love you too." God damnit.
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