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Smite me, again, will you?

... well... today has monumentally sucked thusfar... I am so glad i'm getting away from that confounded coffeehouse and my lazy ass coworkers that don't do shit. I'm hoping tonight will cheer me up, even though I have to pack and all that crap... at least I also get to chill with Matt, watch a couple movies... not want to go without him... =/

... i'm supposed to go to jen's going away party... i fucking hate that girl, she is satan incarnate but matt wants me to go with him... just for a little bit...i really dont want to go at all... at least i'll be out of this house...

My mom is being a total hosebeast. I think it's the traveling, i know she hates driving... not to mention hates me... she keeps giving me shit about packing and when we're leaving and blah blah and "you shouldnt even go anywhere tonight, you should just stay home and get ready." Like I'm really going to spend my last night here at home doing nothing... fuck that. Well, he'll be here in about 20 so i guess I will go get ready...
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