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think nothing of it, i have plenty of nothing.

Well, Cody and I broke up today... it was really very easy and we are still really good friends and it occured to me today that I am friends with all of my ex-boyfriends. That fact makes me really happy... lets me pretend that i'm generally a good person.

Well, I called Tynan and I think he's really resolute on not being with me... and maybe that's jsut as well, because it feels like matt and I are [-] <-- that close to getting together. I was at his house until 1 am last night... we were lying together... he groped me, i teased him... i got dizzy and he got really really serious, made me cranberry juice and i know he was really really gentle when he woke me up after i passed out, he gave me a small kiss *on the lips, baby*, then we cuddled for a few hours... it was really comforting when i told him i couldnt see him today and he got visibly disconcerted, he told me "that makes me really sad, you mean, not at all? Not even for a little bit?" ... so i did on my way back from Cody's... we went and picked up Nosferatu, Madam Butterfly, and about 8 million other things, hah. I'm supposed to go watch Chocolat with him tomorrow, possibly jerky boys too, depending... I'm going to ask him tomorrow... i've got my line all rehearsed... He says he's going to be visiting me in Minneapolis, he sounds really sincere... I hope he does. Shane says that we're more than made for each other... married with kids in a parallel universe and all we have to do is jump that hurdle... god i wish i could cuddle with him right now.
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