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i am not a kitten stuck up in a tree..

Yeah... so I may have finally figured it out. The reason I feel so fucking discouraged and isolated... I'm an 18th century person stuck in this shithole era. The era of apathy, and here's me, this inquisitive loser, overanalyzing everything to the bone, wanting to understand and improve... but fuck that, right? The human race is reverse - evolving now...

I'm a little peeved... I had the car all day today and yet, i had nothing to do with it... I bought the 311 dvd, Enlarged to Show Detail, and the book Fast Food Nation because I've heard some good things about it and would like to have my suspicions confirmed by a reliable source. 13 dollars wasn't a bad price... but now my mom is being an anal dwelling buttmonkey [my new favorite insult], my brother is being a totally annoying punk, and matt was late to getting home but he didn't ditch me... i'm waiting for it though... he tells me to call him back in a little bit and then i should be able to come over... to watch bruce almighty... it's another "Smite me" day... bring on the wrath.

... my song is Not a Pretty Girl by Ani DiFranco right now ...
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