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I finally get into this thing.! bout damn time.! yay yay yay.!!! I get my semisonic burn today.! YOO HOO! Why are all the people on real world freaking supermodels?? Except, my boyfriend is hotter than all the guys on that show. wo0t.! Ian is a sexy bitch.! Hot hot hot sexy stuff. lol. Tempting...i'm gonna shut up now. ` sings dreeeeeeeeeeam.! Dream Dream Dream! lol. Do0d...the other day i was walking through the mall...with carmen...and "good man" came on and i started singing it and like, bustin a move. I know like...ALL the words to that song. I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect to, to the man whos made a difference in mah world.! heh...yeh i think im gonna have his babay. wo0t. maybe i should just shut up. anyway...somday. heh. lmao @ this guy mispronouncing the word courtesy. thats the difference.! "i am nice and polite andi have courtiousy." thats great. Yes i have not yet eaten today. I have been up and around [wo0.! no not that way] since 7. And now i am REALLY wanting food. just what...seeing as i'm lazy...i dont know but i'm in the mood for something cooked so im gonna have to get over my laziness.
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