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what the fuck is going on?

Why do people constantly talk about things that will never matter? Not only that, but why do they give it any priority? Social currency is becoming too important, substance is being lost. It drives me crazy, everyone is talking about american idol, britney's wedding, the packers losing and none of it matters. Never, not now, not in a decade, not ever, will any of that information be pertinant or useful. And this is our culture, full of stupid whiney insignificant shit... this is how we live our lives. No wonder why everything is so irreversibly fucked up. Everyone is paying attention to the insignificant shit, and the real ... supposedly less interesting issues just fall by the wayside. Fucking sensationalism, this need to constantly be shocked and entertained... that's right... welcome to america... i'm going to laugh when it all goes to hell.
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