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Fit of inspiration... hahaha

The end to all ends.
The end all.
They still wont come.
To what end will this lead?
Is there one to be found?
Or is perpetuation the final option?
Should I conceal this scar,
Or follow your path,
And eviscerate myself out of the adress books of the people that I know?
Your path is not mine.
So I'll buy some binoculars,
To peer into your footsteps,
In an attempt to discover,
The truth, the scapegoat,
And the reason I still return to 8th grade,
To live in your end again.

So ah... yeah, I had a episode at shanes. He, Matt, and I were watching a movie and I was already a little... low, and then they had a scene that caused an awful flashback resulting in me crying and rocking back and forth and all that good jazz... matt and i talked about it a little, then I wrote that charming poem. I really like it. Speaking of that matt kid, he was supposed to be here a long-ass time ago. I wonder if he's still going to come... I hope so.
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