Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex


Morning is such a wonderful time. Im actually alone.! i love being in my house when there is no one else in it. Down here, with the morning light streaming through the window with my coffee and my computer. If i had a laptop i'd be outside with the little bunnies running around. Right now i'm attempting to NOT think of the extra work my mother has given me, apparently her bad mood from last night has given her a bitchy-ness hangover. My dad is GONE until 8:30.! wo0o0o.! I'll be gone by the time my mom gets here which is my goal today. just to get out of the house and away before she gets home. Morning is so nice.! the world is occupied with other things and leaves me the hell alone. or maybe its lazy and is still asleep. ` shrug. Either way it isnt bothering me yet. Ahhh beautiful release.! Unfortunately telemarketers never cease. They call at like 8:00 in the morning and if i wasnt already up i'd probably have been livid with rage but yanno how that goes. This month is flying by, i'm actually almost grateful, summer is actually kind of depressing. Seeing as i need a job and i dont know if i'll be getting one. but morning, the shops arent open so i dont feel obligated to go ask for apps. i dont feel obligated to anything actually. i like this feeling. freedom. Its nice. :)
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