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Gangsta Trippin'

Why do I feel so fucking void?

Ookay, now that I've got that out of my system. There's a strike, yo. College truly is a buncha happenin times jammed into 4 years. We can make a difference! Seriously, no, not much makes a difference these days anymore. Mo' money, wooo, health prices are still gonna rise, husbands will still cheat, psychopaths will still murder, and fatboy slim will stay fucking in heaven. Yeah, I support the strike. I think they should get their health benifits back, but I also think that it's fucking pathetic that health insurance and care costs so much because of stupid sue-happy idiots that are the reason we have the stupid liability crap and excessive costs to "protect from lawsuits." But that's just me, I'm one of those idealistic fucks that still thinks that every human has the right to live comfortably, reguardless of salary. Canada's got it goin' on. Free Health Care... granted taxes are high as a motherfucker, but it's not like ours aren't already getting there either. I should probably get back to re-writing my creative writing story. I really hate being given topics, my inspiration doesn't come like that and then I always feel like it's half-assed just cuz I dont know how to just launch myself into some random topic. Bitching about it doesn't get it written though.

I wish my lip would stop bleeding ... wonder where that bruise is from....
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