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Whoopdee flippin doo.!

Wehell i am back from l'hopital. aka the hospital. Damn yesterday sucked. I believe there may be hope for the medical profession yet. They fixed me. strangely enough. I was hit the hardest by the evil satan cootie...go figure...i get to be the lucky person with that every time. So i, already the insomniac, cant sleep at ALL, and then am forced to get out of bed @ 6:00 am to start this massive ralphing spree. Every 15 minutes, i'd be back in there. Joy of joys.! Well, my dad decided at around noon that enough is enough so he took me to the doctor and they noted i was severely dehydrated as well as extremely exhausted and in a conciderable amount of pain so they took me to the hospital and thought maybe 2 liters of iv fluid would perk me right back up. hahahaha....noo my friends it took 9 liters of fluid and a hell of a lot of benedryl to keep me from puking. made me stay the night and i HATE hospitals. but yanno. at that point i didnt care i just wanted to feel better. Thank god that benadryl stuff is a sedative. lol. otherwise, if i had to watch the music video for "bootylicious" one more time i would have stabbed the tv with my iv. Anywayz, that is my nightmare story. besides the fact that my friend called ian and told him that. god i hope he didnt happen to call his mom last night and hear that. =/ that wouldnt be cool seeing as i'm home now and i'm perfectly fine. besides the fact that all my muscles are really cramped from the over-excersize. muscles i didnt even know i HAD are sore.! ugh.! oh well. just thank god i'm not like i was yesterday.!
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