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I am the key to the lock in your mind.

Holy mass of tiredness. 3 hours of Spanish can be pretty draining. I wish I would have looked over some stuff over summer, instead of forgetting it all. I remember all of this vaguely but everything moves so fast... It's alright though. I worked a little bit ahead and I'm doing pretty well on notes... Dominic says he'll help me out. The rest of my classes are with that damn kid... He's so mean to me. I know it's all in fun and games, and he's good for intellectual conversation... but... ugh. I really dont want to do any of this homework... I can't wait for the weekend... when I can be silly and take a break.

Today Annie, Shannon, Sandy, Jess and I all put on grey sweat pants and our burgundy U of M sweatshirts and went out for Chinese. The food was awesome and the conversations where better, we had so much fun just goofing around, on our way back we were acting drunk and scared a couple of people on our floor... but it was so great. We have to do it again soon... sometime this week we're watching rocky horror... shawing! But now i'm exhausted, i think the sugar high has officially worn off... and i have a class at 9:45 so I think it's bed time for me.
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