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I got me 15 Watsons ...

Wow. I can't believe that in three days i'm going to be away from everything I've ever known. It's happened so fast it's almost knocking the wind out of me. I should be packing. My mom wants me to organize my closet and my desk but that's not going to happen. I pretty much have everything I need set out... Still haven't got ahold of that damn room-mate of mine. I guess I don't really care, I dont have a problem with her yet... and if she's all that bad, that's why they invented cardboard and duct tape.

I just got done burning a CD for Cody. He called me today, and says we're supposed to chill tonight. Depends on when he gets home from Grady's. I'm hoping it's before 6... I really want to talk to him... My brain and heart are at war. Pragmatism versus Idealism I guess... somethings wrong upstairs though. I keep changing my mind about which is more probable... staying together or breaking up. Today is one of the staying together days... Probably because of the phone call... and the promise to see me later. I wonder if he even knows that my date of departure is hurtling at me like a cannon ball. Probably does... just following human nature like me... and avoiding.
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