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Hail to the Thief, Biotch!!

I just got back from the Radiohead concert and ... words fail. Brilliance, sheer brilliance I am still in awe. A religious epiphany. I called matt's answering machine and filled it with messages of his fave songs cuz the poor kid is in california... but freakin... So we only had lawn seats, and I could have got us closer but I'm poor but still... we saw everything and god, I can't even describe the euphoria. They played friggen.. Karma Police, National Anthem, Idioteque (which owned the evening)... and my favorite song ever... Fake Plastic Trees. Fucking brilliant.

Plus... I went with Shane so he shared the love, cuz Cody couldnt go. And we talked and I feel a lot more confident about going on to college now... He reckons cody will stay, unless i give him a good reason to leave... and i dont plan on doing that. And, as I've been telling me... He told me he didn't want to get rid of me, I know he doesn't want to break up, neither do I... so why would we?
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