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311 balls my rocks off...

Lyrics of particular genius...

Is there ever a time
when the state of sleeping
willingly leaves my mind?
Highly frustrated wanna feel elated
come monday morn you feel checkmated
you can be uncool and become the rule
exceptions were made to drown
Don't buy the fear, don't buy that my dear
the things you love you must keep near and
carry on and you won't feel withdrawn
even if you're coming down
Sometimes it's wearable, sometimes it's bearable
I careen towards balance til' the glass is full
How many times will they do the same thing?
how did they get programmed to your following?
everyone's locked up in their suffering
the only way you can tell is reconsider everything

What if the truth is that there is no truth
the only thing I can prove is there is no proof
don't be so sure that your source is correct
people believed it before, before they had checked
Rebellion done for it's own sake
does not a true free thinker make
to go against for it's own sake
you're still controlled by the course
that the other man takes

every time you will ignore your
heart it will come back twice more
never deny your own instinct
reconsider everything
Another detail just goes by
fallen into the abyss that has become your life
(It's one thing to make the same mistake twice
Another thing to make it all of your life)
Don't give up the fight to stay alive and even if you have to
find the reason of another's pain if they lose you
if not for your self then those around who care like I do
one day you'll see the clear blue
beyond the gray sky

I can't believe you didn't call
what made you want to end it all
wasn't there something I should have tried
to help you see beyond the gray sky

Your denomination
should be a private thing
how about a spirit
for all human beings

How could something well guided
turn out to be divisive
mostly wondering
it seems uncertain
No one's excited
unless they are divided
someone's going to have to give in
suppose that the mist is
a metaphor for change

Sometimes when I'm awake
I can't tell if I'm still dreaming
there's so much here at stake
when every moment is just fleeting
Patience and years will refashion
what hours will undo
and circles not yet quite circles
somehow close true
Everything is a choice
go ahead raise your voice
might as well forgive yourself
that means more than someone else
set you free break the shell
to your demons farewell
I tell you don't dwell

Houston we have a problem
all this TV has made us dumb
anxious is what we've become
too much prozac in our systems
it's our mental condition
it's our mental condition
one thing lacks is education
institutions fuck with our

Emotions are elastic
they stretch out and back
stretch out and back
sometimes they just snap
they don't go back
they never go back
</b>I see people wasting time with so much pointless debate
I can't wait for the over analytical politically correct
upset by threats to the national mindset
I bet we'd let reverse psychology
mob mentality over our ecology
at college we could learn but
usually we burn and then we waste it
taste it time and time again
it's time to take your medicine</b>

I guess it is true... sometimes jacks will rule the realm...

I drift away but you pull me in...I'm the ocean, you're the moon.
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