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Maladies of Anticipation

Once again I'm up far earlier than suits my fancy, but it's too late to change that now. Yesterday was a major let down. Chris went skating with Casey instead of chilling with me, no one came swimming with us, Matt ditched me yet again, and I couldnt get ahold of Cody last night either. I suspect band practice must have either gone later than anticipated, which is a possibility since I know sometimes they're until 9 pm... or he just went over to Jeff's for an evening of entertainment. Alyssa spent the night reading Harry Potter.

Well, today I was hoping to go see Cody but i've called once and no response. With my luck, he probably forgot that he has band again today. I fear that I may not be able to entirely benifit from having the house to myself for a week. It's such a waste cuz it's so damn convenient!!! Plus, it'd be ideal for me to talk to him about me going to college. I really want to stay with him, but i want what's best for him first. I suppose it is possible that he was just sleeping when I called, or in the shower, or even outside. Lord knows his parents make him mow the lawn enough. I really wish his computer was fixed, but it's still got that stupid crash loop that's making everything so damn difficult. John got in trouble again, the stupid git. I swear, sometimes I think that kid has no common sense. I guess I'll just resolve myself to trying again. Right now I think I'm going to take a shower, and plot out how I'm going to handle lunch.
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