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Faster, Harder, Scooter!!!

Tonight the clouds meet with the earth.
I stand between them and the stars.
The trees wait in the vapor like ghosts.
Shadows of what once was ours.

Tonight Rocked. I got to see my Cody and I've missed him so much and we cuddled and played music and watched part of Goldmember :D It was super cute when he missed my phone call and ended up coming online right as my computer crashed, and he tells hodge, "shit! I just missed her phone calls! First time I was downstairs drumming and the second I just got out of the shower and I missed it by seconds! Shit damn fuck!" The boy cares! :D We're going to stay together when I go to college, I know it. Otherwise he wouldnt have asked me to be in the band, and tonight he said, "i really dont want to get in trouble and never be able to see you again." :D
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