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Means to an End

Canyons edge,
Complete with panoramic view.
I could jump and I might fly,
But I will have to land land when gravity wins.

There's a street light
That wakes up my senses
During my walks alone at night.
Footsteps on pavement echo in my mind.

It's what I need to find that calls me.
Unable to understand, my isolation.
Your tragic beauty is consolation.
Bring me to amelioration.

Clock's ticking on the wall.
While the room is dim at noon.
I stand defiant and tall,
In your room dim at noon.

It's from here that what I need is calling.
Understand, [becomes] infatuation
Your tragic beauty is motivation.
Help me find amelioration.

I jumped, I flew
Landed too soon.
Passed the light as it died.
Yet I continue to shine.

The clock fell silent,
The room came to bloom.
The tides change as you do,
In your room dim at noon.

That's the first song I've written as the lead singer of my band with cody and john. I'm really insecure about this whole thing, though totally flattered. This is how I was propositioned...

"So, john and I have been thinking about starting a band but we need someone for vocals and possibly a second guitar... And we were thinking of someone that has an amazing voice, and with a bit of practice could do rhythm guitar...not to mention piano... ... ..."

Naturally, simply asked "me?" because I am extremely eloquent, and accepted. I actually giggled with glee. I feel really flattered, but I dont know if I'll be up to snuff on lyrics. I'm worried cody has different plans for the tone of his songs or something. I actually like these lyrics though. It went through a lot of progressions... initially I hated it, but now I really enjoy it even though I know most people will have to bust out dictionaries, but still, I'm satisfied. Insecure, but satisfied. Regan would be so proud... Jez is turning into a rock star.

Today was great too... I went to Deerfield and chilled with all my boys again. It was just like old times. Me n the gang, Matt, Shane, Casey, Chris, and always that one other kid that we just bring but dont know. We went to my pier and went swimming and it was so much fun. They're all such lighthearted characters. I love them all and their spirit and energy. They bring many smiles to my face. It was so great too cuz I think Matt and my friendship is going to go back to normal again. I think he's come to terms with the whole, me being with Cody, situtation because today everything was like it used to be. I feel like I have my best friend back. Tomorrow Chris is making me breakfast, and I get to play with his new kitty, which is named "Dog". I'm going to call matt early tomorrow morning, and we're gonna chill too, or that's the plan thusfar. He may be asleep, although he says he wakes up at 7 just about every day... But I'm excited. Today has just been a copious amount of fun. And I got 2 glen miller orchestra CD's for 10 bucks... :) I know I'll sleep well tonight.
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