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God, some days I really want to yell at my friends because they're so closed-minded and short-sighted. It's disgusting. I make a blanket statement, they ask me to explain myself so I do... and they jump down my throat for "complaining forever". What the fucking hell? They fucking asked, I wasn't whining like Alyssa has perfected pertaining to the stupidest inconsequential bullshit. Yeah, she and carmen just showed up at my house, even though I already had company and other plans. Then, they start talking about college, about meal plans, about all this planning, all the responsibility, all the money... yes, with negative definition! So, instead of listening to them discuss the downsides of going to college, I stated that "I'm not really sure I even want to go anymore." Oh really? Why's that? So... isn't elucidation the natural response? When someone questions your opinion, is it not then only appropriate to ennucleate? I believe that college is far too expensive for my budget. I do not wish to shell out 8000 in tuition for 8 classes. Especially, when some of those classes are not in any way related to my major, nor will they assist me in my career, I do not wish to pay an exhorberant amount of money for it. I realize the importance of being well-rounded, but part of being well-rounded and worldly is knowing when it is prudent to become so and take advantage of the open information. There is a stradegy in some cases. Not to mention the fact that college is exactly what the system wants, and we all know how much I adore the system and wish it to flourish and progress. College plays a major key in social engineering. Society is afraid of change and not having control, so, logically, keep the most dangerous minds distracted. The most imaginative minds are our age group, so they keep us distracted, occupied and in debt. Thus, by the time we are programmed enough to go into society and become a successful part of the work force because now we have no choice because we need to repay the school. And once you start, you very well can't just quit. It's simply disgusting. Of course, Justin is right, they can only brainwash you if you let them. Still, I plan on writing about this in my novels, essays, articles, anything. Thus proving that yeah, contrary to my so called "friends'" beliefs, I do plan on doing something about it and I'm not just bitching. Explaining yourself is hardly complaining. Especially since I wasn't whining or anything, I was simply stating. It pisses me off how they react to that. Honestly, it's like I can't even say and express ideas anymore. Nope, I'm just some whiney bitch that complains about every single fucking thing that's wrong with the world and is just going to bring it up and whine about it until the day I die. Fuck that, if they actually were my friends, they'd know my aspirations, they'd know that I want, more than anything, to improve the state of this shithole in every single way possible, even if all I am capable of is enlightenment for the time being. But they never hear what I'm really saying.


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Aug. 4th, 2003 02:19 am (UTC)
There's no better way to fight the system than to work inside it and know it better.. right?

No offense.. but you DO[did] make it sound like if you go to college, you're just another mindless drone sucked into the system with no personality and doomed for your entire existance.

I'm sure there's a few 'great minds' out there that have been to college.
Aug. 4th, 2003 07:58 am (UTC)
great minds think alike... and were generally rebels
i know that generalizations can be quite dangerous. For example, I know that I will never become a mindless drone simply because I refuse to, and I know a few that aren't. But I do know I will be inhibited from doing what I wish, and I do know, that the vast majority of american highschool studants are mindless drones having met several and having watched the trend of, go-to-college-cuz-that-is-the-only-thing-left-to-do(or parties, or mom says, whatever) I've watched my friends change completely and yes, actually lose their personality. I know there are always exceptions to the rule, but for me, personally, I guess all I was trying to state is that I wish the rule(s) didn't exist in the first place. More options never killed anyone, in fact probably are ideal. Furthermore, the main point I was trying to express was in relation to my friends being a bunch of self-righteous bums. Even if I did make it sound as though I believed everyone that goes to college is a weak-minded follower(which I don't), I was merely stating an opinion. Not complaining, not whining, not crying, just stating. That's all.
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