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ice age comin', ice age comin'...

Good christ is this a boring town... I really don't want to go to work today. However, at least today I don't have to mop, a definite plus. I did a little too much mopping yesterday if you ask me, mostly because of Alyssa and her constant need to spill things. Speaking of that girl, she is royally getting on my nerves.

Well.. to make a long story short, I really need to vent. This girl has basically been suffocating me. I can't go anywhere, without her calling me on my cell phone, even though she has nothing to say. Or even if I already have company, and other plans, she calls and invites herself over even though I'm sick of her being here. Yes, she is one of my best friends but after the day where she spent some 36 consecutive hours here I need some space, and I do have other friends, contrary to popular belief. So yesterday, matt saved me from her by taking me away off to shane's apartment which was cool enough. I've missed him, but I'm awfully suprised she didn't invite herself along. She bombarded me with questions as to it's location upon my return. No doubt so she can invite herself over there too or something. But seriously, only two nights out of the past week has she not been around. I don't know what to do. I won't lie to her if i'm not doing anything, but I sincerely don't want to see her for a couple days. She whines so much, and I can't stand it when people do that. Granted, people are entitled to complain every now and then but it's constant and about the stupidest things. I'm living on a tight budget, and out of nowhere she whines "i'm hungry and you don't have any food. We should go out to eat." So i start suggesting places that I know I can afford, and to everything, "oh no, i dont want to eat there, i hate that kind of food, it gives me tummy aches". What 18 year old says "tummy aches"?! So I end up spending ALL of my tip money(because she takes me to a restaurant i've never heard of, but of course is pricey), which I had plans for. I really should just put my foot down one of these days. And I can't even work without her being there. She comes in and sits for hours, and spills... and spills... and spills. I had to mop an extra three times because of her. Granted, not the whole floor, but it put me way behind on time. And she's so god damn needy for attention that I can't go in the back room and restock unless she's found a way to entertain herself, or else she follows me back in there which is against policy. I hate it, i'm so frustrated, and she feels like a freaking lead weight just slowing me down on everything.

whew! now that that's taken care of... matt burned me a couple of cds the other day... Sparklehorse, which is really good sleepy time mellow music. Plus, he burned me Strung Out on OK Computer and included some live songs from concerts, way way cool. But yeah, I suppose I should be getting ready for work... at least i'll have good music while i'm there.
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