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update of updates

wehell.! itz been a loooooooooong time due to the fact that my mother grounded me for taking a gd walk.!!! ugh.! sto0pid.! anyway, i got her back. muah ha ha. seeing as she took away the computer, the phone, and my cds, and didnt allow me to go anywhere, i took to the radio, and by the end of my sentence, she was practically begging me to go back to my computer. revenge is sweet. o0o and my dad loaths my music. he was like, "ITS A BUNCH OF RANDOM SCREAMING AND BANGING ON INSTRUMENTS.! ITS DISGUSTING.!" and i was listening to Sum 41.!!! ` rolls eyes. so i switched to the "solid rock" station, and "smells like teen spirit" was on. i swear his head almost exploded. it was worth possibly extending my sentence. Then i called ian, when i got off my sentence. and he isnt home yet, but he has called home and he had gran tell me that he misses me, and he loves me, and that he still maintains september doesnt come fast enough. =D i love him. ` muah.! anywho, i am supposed to call his mom for more details, like perhaps how to contact him....` hopes. wo0t wo0t. anyways, i went up to my grandmas this weekend. joy of joys. i got sick. lol. what a shocker. now i am back, healing. or trying to. and concidering calling ians mom to see what the 411 is but as of now, all is peachy. i got kewl new camo shorts. wheeeeee.!!

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