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it's 2 am... do you know where your kids are?

Again, I am ashamed to be American....

58 civilians killed when market was targeted.

15 killed the night before, 92 wounded.

14 killed Wednesday.

500 of iraqi troops killed on Tuesday.

total = 587

Can't we all just get along? Is it so hard to not be violent? See, I get angry, I listen to this song, its vulgar, it's crude, it says "fuck" over 97 times, and it helps me vent. Someday... I'll set the world on fire.

Anyhow...on a less political and significant note....however more pleasant in tone... although today i fear i may have been ditched by cody... at this moment i smell like matt. We went shopping together, it was hilarious. We got our t-shirts and our paper for printing... then we went back to his house... sat online together for awhile... tried to get the software to work. didn't... so jenn came over and we went to shane's... then back to matt's and watched the Virgin Suicides. Excellent movie. Tomorrow we're supposed to watch Run, Lola Run... and a couple others. Matt has it all planned. I'm cool with it. I hope my parents don't go ape shit and throw a wrench in it. But i'll sleep tonight.
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