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superficiality and neo-despotism

I am ashamed to be an American.

14 Civilians Killed when missiles directly hit a dense residential area.

500 soldiers killed in two days

"Shock and Awe effect didn't whipe out as many of them as was anticipated."

I can't handle this. The waste of human life, the destruction of fragile, irreplacable things. My countrymen, my family are all so heartless... my brother even said,

"500 compared to what, 3 billion, 4 billion? That's like peanuts."

People are so precious. Each person is so incredibly intricate and so vital... each of those 500 meant something to at least 20. that's 10,000 people that are in mourning. And each of the persons slain, had a story, a future, a hope, a past. I look at myself, I see all the experiences I want to share, all the things I want to accomplish, all of the dreams and emotions I want to express and we all have them. Why are they cut short? Because George Bush thinks it's his job to keep iraqi peace all of a sudden? Is operation Iraqi freedom going to be freedom through death? All of the opportunity, all of the possibility, all of the personality, the love, the life, the experiences... gone in a gunshot. For my part I can do nothing but cry, and my tears count for exactly that. Nothing, and it shatters my heart, my hopes, and my dreams.
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