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superficiality and neo-despotism

I am ashamed to be an American.

14 Civilians Killed when missiles directly hit a dense residential area.

500 soldiers killed in two days

"Shock and Awe effect didn't whipe out as many of them as was anticipated."

I can't handle this. The waste of human life, the destruction of fragile, irreplacable things. My countrymen, my family are all so heartless... my brother even said,

"500 compared to what, 3 billion, 4 billion? That's like peanuts."

People are so precious. Each person is so incredibly intricate and so vital... each of those 500 meant something to at least 20. that's 10,000 people that are in mourning. And each of the persons slain, had a story, a future, a hope, a past. I look at myself, I see all the experiences I want to share, all the things I want to accomplish, all of the dreams and emotions I want to express and we all have them. Why are they cut short? Because George Bush thinks it's his job to keep iraqi peace all of a sudden? Is operation Iraqi freedom going to be freedom through death? All of the opportunity, all of the possibility, all of the personality, the love, the life, the experiences... gone in a gunshot. For my part I can do nothing but cry, and my tears count for exactly that. Nothing, and it shatters my heart, my hopes, and my dreams.


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Mar. 28th, 2003 06:04 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with you. Every human life is precious, irreplacable and dear. It's horrible people are dying; it's sad there are so many mourning.
But, at the risk of being unpopular with you, and probably with a great many others, I have to point out Saddam and his sons have most like killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Iraqis. And, if they have not killed them, they have brought great pain and suffering to individuals and their families. Those people Saddam killed, their lives were cut short in chemical baths. He gassed his own people on the street. Women and children. Babies. Prisoners were ground to death, a story no one wants to hear about, but it happened. Saddam would put his own people, human beings he was supposed to protect as their leader, in machines and grind them to nothingness, while they were still breathing. His oldest son tortured soccer players for not winning an Olympic game. The Iraqi dictatorship takes people, and their families never, ever learn what has happened to them. To me, that is heartless.
Furthermore, if you lived in Iraq and had spoken out like you did in your journal post, you would be dead or missing or in prison. All those people who march with huge signs protesting the war, they would have been killed by now. They are executing a right they take for granted, protesting a war trying to bring the same freedom to others. They think it's about oil, Muslims think it's about America's campaign against Islam. It's about none of those things.
I am not pro-war, persay, but I am anti-Saddam. I prayed that whatever happened, it would be what had to be done. Now that war has started, I pray for it to be as 'successful' as a war can be. Note: I use the word successful relatively.
So think what you want, I don't care. You gave your opinion, and since no one ever reads my journal, I gave mine here. You can be angry, or frustrated, you can hate me, you can argue with me, but the fact is, my opinion will not change because of what others believe. I respect your opinion, I only ask you respect mine as well.
By the way, I don't believe I am heartless. Especially when I spend just about every night bawling over the war, wondering where in the Middle East my cousin is. I'm sure I am not the only one who sits in front of their TV crying, wondering, mourning for people I did not even know. I don't believe that's what most people would call heartless.
Mar. 30th, 2003 01:34 pm (UTC)
good debate
While I do agree with you that it is not only tragic, but utterly disgusting what saddam has done to his own people... I must point out a few things.

On a detestable note...

This has been happening for years upon years upon years and the great 'ol US of A didn't give a flying flip. This fact, plus the statments i've heard on political channels about how good it would be to control the oil, leads me to believe that there truley are alterior motives, and it's convenient to use terrorism and a nonexistant 911 tie as a front and compassion as a reason for war. however, this moves me to point out that there is nothing compassionate about war. And to say that civilians are safe and will not be targeted is a blatant lie. I too agree that what Saddam and his sons have done is not only cruel and unfathomable, but unforgivable. Nevertheless... I fail to see how attacking the people of iraq to stop saddam from attacking them is at all logical. Civilian targets have already been hit. There are a couple documented instances even in the American Media. For further details you could check the BBC and other European news. Honestly, my reasoning for my distress is because the killing that is happening is needless. Saddam is the real problem, we should just have him, and his 12 look-alikes assassinated. Kill 13, not add onto the 578 that's already out there. Yes, i know that is concidered a war crime, but that has never stopped the US before. Check out Bowling for Columbine... you'll see what I mean.
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